It is a dark and stormy mid-morning, and thanks to the kindness of strangers Marcoda I am fully immersed in Harry Potter-ville. The air is fragrant, the wine is plentiful, and the water is lovely. For some reason there are now emails and Excel tables in Harry Potter-ville, but they’re largely ignorable.

Harry Potter! On my iPod! So I don’t go crazy and have my head explode all over my in-law’s van during our ridiculously long road trip to Sister-In-Law’s second reception this weekend! And, of course, a bit of Harry Potter on the ol’ iPod during work today, too. I’m enjoying this WAY TOO MUCH.

Thank you Marcoda. Thank you thank you thank you. The in-law’s van thanks you, too.

And Nibbler, you be a good godson and stay put while I’m gone! If you do this, I promise to buy you a puppy for your first birthday.