Dan and I bought Sister-In-Law’s wedding present yesterday (along with wrapping paper and mascara and much fake meat and ribbon and brownie mix and damn you Target!) They had registered for an adorable twirling metal spice rack dealie, and now I totally want a spice rack even though a.) I don’t have any spices and b.) I don’t cook. But hello! So cute!

This is the spice rack we purchased:



I would very much like to own either this spice rack:


or this spice rack:

(I would write “this rack” or “this rack”, but it makes me giggle too much. Because I’m mature. I want this rack!) The main reason I want these is their nice Harry Potter, potions class feel. This is as close to being Professor Snape as I’ll ever be.

And since I know you’re all about buying me stuff, I would quite like this, too.

I just noticed that on Target’s wedding registry it lists bride, groom and partner as the options, not just bride and groom. That’s nice.