My brain feels crispy.

Sometime before Wednesday: buy hair dye, nylons and wedding gift

Wednesday: Work, attend In-Law arranged wedding dance lesson

Thursday:Come in to work early, leave work early for bachelorette party. Oh, and pick up bridesmaid dress (pray it fits!). Dan picks up Noah from airport, takes him to get their tuxes.

Friday: No work. Dye hair, wax eyebrows, pray shoes have arrived, attend rehearsal dinner

Saturday:Get up early, do many scheduled events (ie; have hair done, have makeup done, reluctantly wrangle myself into nylons), Wedding!, Reception!

Sunday: Get up early (after a wedding?) to help set up for catered (Greek food! Yum!) super-sized gift opening party, attend (and continue to help at) super-sized gift opening party

Monday through Thursday: work, pack for trip, try to find suitable pet sitter, hang with Noah

Friday: leave for Wisconsin (four hours in car) with Dan, Noah and In-Laws, do stuff. Spend Friday night somewhere in far east Wisconsin or something.

Saturday: Arrive in Michigan (four or so hours in car), spend night in Ann Arbor

Sunday: Attend second wedding reception, leave for Chicago (four or so hours in car) with Dan and Noah, spend Sunday night in Chicago

Monday: Chicago

Tuesday: Chicago, leave for Minneapolis (eight hours in car)

Wednesday: Return to regularly scheduled program. Hopefully.


Money spent: So much

Miles traveled: So many


On top of this all, I should find out whether my magic pills worked and I done got myself knocked up around Thursday (two days before wedding). On one hand, god I hope it worked!!! On the other hand, the thought of doing all of this stone cold sober and coffee-free is kind of…well…scary.