To the person who found my site by Googling “I feel relieved torturing a hamster”, I hope there is a certain, particularly hot place for you in hell. And I hope you get the help you need before you become a psycho serial killer. Please try to avoid any head injuries. That is all.

On a much different note, I want to take this Photoshop class so badly that my hands are getting shaky. Really. It’s perfect, and even though it starts right around the same time as sister-in-law’s month-long wedding extravaganza, all of the class dates still work out. It’s perfect. PREFECT. Exactly the kind of class I’ve been looking for, covering exactly what I want to learn right now. Most classes I find (and I’ve spent a lot of time searching), either cover too much of what I already know before getting to this, or they don’t cover this at all. So I was thrilled to find this class!

But it’s $265, which is about $265 more than I can afford right now, since I’m going to need some money for this whole Michigan/Chicago trip we’re taking for Sister-in-law’s second wedding reception. So. That’s that.

On a related side note, I was playing around on Photoshop last night, and the one thing I really needed to do I couldn’t get to work. And it’s taught in this class. Oh, slap in the face. Sigh.