My sister-in-law’s wedding is in fifteen days (or so) and I’m still shoeless. I found a pair of really cute shoes on ebay, but I don’t think they’re strappy enough for this purpose. Plus the strap that goes behind the ankle (ankle-back strap?) is kind of wonky and doesn’t stay up. But they’re cute so I’m sure I’ll still wear them somewhere. Plus they were only five bucks, and the five-year-old in me LOVES the bows!


I am completely in love with these shoes (also ebay), but I have a feeling sister-in-law might be a tad…upset if I wore them to the wedding. But look how cute they are!

I think these might be the ones (also on, surprise, ebay). With shipping they’re only $22 or so, plus they’re quite pretty and will go nicely with the dress. Good. A decision made. Unless someone else wins them, in which case someone’s getting cut.