It’s been a long time since I’ve downloaded any music. It’s been a long time since I’ve even been on iTunes, since, until recently, we’ve been (sadly) internetless. But honey, I’m baaaaaak! Oh, I thought this day would never come! I’m starting out slowly, just downloading a few songs on iTunes, but soon I’ll be back to my former glory, back to finding tons of great stuff on eMusic and various other places. Ah, I feel alive again.

So how do I celebrate my rebirth into downloadom? By downloading four very popular songs, three of which have been on So You Think You Can Dance in the past two seasons (purely coincidental, that). But yum! Hello! Check ’em out.

Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love (I don’t care that this is played on KDWB all the time. I love it.)
One Republic, Apologize (Oh, you know you love this song, too.)
Paramour, Misery Business (So girly hardcore, but she has the prettiest voice!)
The Veronicas, Untouched (Makes me wanna jump! Jump!)