In dress news: Finally gathered the courage to try it on last night and, shockingly, the damn thing fit! It was a bit tight, which I’m going to (try to) take care of pre-wedding. With a diet or something. Also shocking was that the dress was made for someone with a 38DDD chest. I’m hardly flat chested, but I’m no 38DDD. So the dress will have to be altered. Damn. And yes, mustn’t forget shoes.

In baby shower news: What? I didn’t mention I was throwing a baby shower for Marcoda, who occasionally pushes little people out of her hoo-hoo? Well, I am, on Sunday. And herein sets the panic. I have scattered scraps of paper with notes written on them, I have bags of random things, I have some carefully created stuff. But do I have a plan? No. Methinks I may be too disorganized to throw a baby shower. This could be…interesting. (There’s my Minnesota Nice showing through.)

Boy news: Noah turns eight tomorrow!!! The kid is growing like a…fast growing thing of some sort.

Five-year-old Noah. Look how tiny he was!

Nearly eight-year-old Noah. Crazy, isn’t it? He seems to think so…