Oh Dinosaur Comics, you really, truly get me. I love you. Yes I do! Yes I do! Who’s mama’s little dinosaur-based online comic? You are!

What a long, strange, pain-tacular week it’s been. I’d go on and on about how unnecessarily bright this room is and how confused it’s making me and how it all just totally sucks, but that strikes me as just too negative. Instead I’m going to balance out the negative with the positive. Whee!

The bad:Thanks to an unnecessarily and probably unhealthy discontinuation of a particular (completely legal) drug I was on, which is thanks to an unfortunate week between when my prescription ran out and doctor’s appointment, I’ve spent the past week suffering from the following suck-tacular “withdrawal symptoms”:

Take the world’s worst hangover, combine it with motion sickness, a migraine, a massive sensitivity to lights, sounds and smells, and a hefty dose of vertigo. Blend. Garnish with insomnia. Serve on the rocks. The rocks of hell!

The Good: I’ve wanted off these pills for awhile and now I am. Whether it’s worth it is still up for debate.

The Bad: Due to my delicate condition, I want nothing more than to curl up in bed, alone, in the dark and silence, until I start to feel better. For the vast majority of the day (the nine hours at work and the two and a half hours commuting to/from work each day), this isn’t possible. And due to the fact that anything that could possibly be planned for this weekend is being planned for this weekend, and more and more things are being added to this weekend (not by me, by the way) I won’t have a chance to lay down and relax. You know, before it all starts again next week.

The Good:People want to spend time with me. Yay. I guess.

The Bad: I meant for this to be a light-hearted, pseudo-funny entry, but thanks to the blinding fecking headache, the way too bright lights here at work, and the utter frusteration I feel at having no control what so ever over my weekend, I just don’t have it in me.

The Good: Yeah, I got nothing.

No, that’s not quite true. I’m getting my hair cut (finally!) and my eyebrows waxed (finally) this weekend!

I’m going to go from looking like this (without the bangs and whiskers, for the most part):

to this (with the adorableness, hopefully):

Awesome! And I really believe the cute, lovely hair will combat the pain and vertigo. Because the pain and vertigo? Are getting really old.