I visited my parents today at their house in Hugo and was relieved to see the damage they suffered during the recent tornado and storms was minimal. They need a new roof, new siding, a new shed, and a new central air conditioner, but the house itself is fine and completely live-in-able, which is a huge relief considering they were actually in the path of the tornado. My mom’s plants are even ok, which is surprising considering the hail that covered the grass and flower gardens was so thick it looked like snow. So, I am very happy and relieved beyond belief because my parents and their house are ok, but so many houses, so very close to their house, were totally destroyed and I had a hard time driving through the area without feeling sick to my stomach.

Dan, Noah and I were driving back from Duluth when the storm hit, and I had no clue the damage was so bad. We tried to stop at their house on the way back, but we couldn’t get anywhere near it. The cops had the entire area blocked off and no one could get into the neighborhood without showing an ID with an address proving you actually lived there. Luckily I had talked to my parents on the phone and knew they were ok, if shaken up and a bit in shock.

My parent’s street, and most of the streets surounding it are mostly ok, but the area just a few blocks away looks like a war zone. It was beyond surreal and upsetting seeing it. Of course this didn’t stop me from taking pictures.