Stolen from oh so many blogs. I’m not original. Are you?

Admiring: A picture of a co-worker’s little boy. What a cutie!!! I want one!  

Beating myself up about: all the money I owe on various bills

Crying over: the “Journal” comics at xkcd (start reading from Journal 1; link is at the top). I don’t know why, but for some reason these five comics make me teary and giddy and happy. I want to print them on a big poster and hang them in my house. Would that be  weird?  

Daydreaming about:. Dan giving me his laptop tonight. It would totally make my day year perfect and wonderful. (Edited to add: Ain’t gonna happen. Grr.)

Excited because: I get to take photos of Marcoda and Co. this weekend!!!

Frustrated because: I can’t figure out a way to keep the cats out of the kitchen garbage. We already have it in the cupboard with child-proof latches on the door. These kitties are smart!

Grumpy because: there are still four and a half hours of work today, and I only have about an hour of actual work to fill them. This time could be much better spent elsewhere.

Hate-filled and seething over: Nothing right now. How is that possible? I’m usually so bitter!

Indignant because: the Evil Gopher is once again insinuating that I’m a brainless assistant who can’t do anything if she happens to be gone. Shut up, Evil Gopher! Shut up! (Ah, there’s the seething.) 

Just shoot me now because: I can’t survive without caffeine. Not possible. 

Kidding myself regarding: the fact that I think I can afford to have a baby anytime soon. *snort*

Listening to: Modern Romance, TV On The Radio

Mooning over: Hello, beautiful.

Need: a new bra or two. God, I hate bra shopping

Obsessing over: the weird pulled muscle feeling in my uterus-area.

Praying: that we get our freaking Stimulus Check soon. Or ever.

Questioning: whether the financial benefit of getting a second job outweighs the cost of my sanity.

Reading: The Last Witchfinder, by James Morrow. This book is DELICIOUS!

Singing: Ohio, by [DARYL]   

Trying: to get on the website. Why is it down? Why?

Unnerved by:
How easily Dan was able to convince me that it’s Thursday this morning. (It’s actually Friday. I think.) Where is my head? Where am I?

Viewing: A PowerPoint Presentation that has a LOT of typos. Well, not for long. Die, typos, die!

Wondering: Where I can go with Dawn tonight that has good appetizers, cheap drinks (preferably some sort of happy hour) and won’t be insanely crowded or loud. And is in St. Paul.

X-rated action: Ha cha cha!

Yawning over: the thought of the drive home tonight. Can I skip it?

Zoinks: I’ve got blisters on me fingers!