Hoo boy, here it comes. And it’s going to be a rip-snorter of a storm, believe you me. Were I home, this would be awesome; I love a good thunder storm as much as the next storm lover. But…I’m at work and thus a loooong way from home. I have a feeling that my normally hour long commute is going to pale in comparison to today’s trek. Goody. Just to be safe, I’ll probably have to stop at Dairy Queen for provisions.  

This storm season is crazy, man! My parents are still dealing with their hail and wind damaged roof, siding and shed (all of which will have to be replaced) from the big storms in Hugo last week. Their house is live-in-able and all, thank god, but what a pain. But on the plus side, thanks to the rain I haven’t had to water the bushes Dan and I planted in our yard last weekend. There’s always a silver lining…

I just wrote an entire blog entry about weather because yes, Minnesotans do love discussing weather. Weather is our raison d’être.

In non-weather related news, I only saw one ant yesterday.

Holy crap!!! In the last couple of minutes it went from being dim outside to being frighteningly dark! Normally it doesn’t get this dark out until around nine or so, five hours from now. Well, that was sudden. But, my boss just said we can leave if we want to. Well, that’s not a tough decision; I’m outta here!