My step-youngin’ is officially a graduate of the first grade! I suddenly feel like listening to Simon and Garfunkel, but that might be a bit…inappropriate. But, my goodness, the kid is growing up.

I recently realized how much being a step-parent is like being an unglorified, unpaid nanny. I do all the mommy duties, part time, but have very, very little say in his actual upbringing. Frustrating doesn’t come close to describing the situation. My opinions and thoughts concerning Noah often (or, constantly) get back-burnered by family members because I haven’t been there since Noah was born (which would have been odd since Dan was with Noah’s mom, hence Noah). I feel like an impostor around “real parents” because I’m only a part time parent; I actually get to sleep in every other weekend. But man, there is nothing more empty feeling than being in full-out mommy mode for a couple days, then…nothing. And Dan wonders why I baby the cats so much (hint: it’s not only because they’re so darn lovable and fluffy and always alert me when there’s a bug crawling across the floor).

I admittedly don’t do well with powerlessness. I’m not one to sit back and accept things for what they are. But there just isn’t anything I can do about this, and the entire situation is exacerbated by other circumstances, which I will get into in another post.

Oh, I’m not really as bitter as I sound. Or maybe I am. The situation is what it is,  I suppose, and I deal as best I can. And there is a lot of good in the mix, too, like the fact that Noah is an awesome, wonderful kid, and I do get to sleep in every other weekend. God, I love to sleep. Plus, seeing as I spent NO time baby-sitting when I was younger, and I have no younger siblings, I’ve definitely learned a lot about parenting and kids from having Noah in my life, things that it will be nice to know when Dan and I have kids. For example, if you keep a kid up past his bedtime, he won’t sleep in the next morning to make up for it. He will wake up at the same time and will be very cranky all day. Good to know.

And now, photos! Surprise!

The boys:


Me n’ the kid: