Noah spent most of the trip refering to Lake Superior as “the sea”, which I found very plesant. We vacationed by the sea last weekend. I wore a large hat to keep the sun from my delicate skin.  

Wait, sun? Or “sun”? See that big white blob in the sky? That’s where the sun should have been.


It was a bit chilly and sprinkly and very, very windy, but we still had a wonderful time. We are hearty Minnesotans! Hear us roar (please ignore the shivering)!

We also drove up to Temperance River State Park, about an hour or so north of Duluth. It’s so pretty up there, and Noah had a great time climbing and hiking around on the rocks along the river. And he didn’t even fall to his death once, because we are good parents who didn’t push him in.


 And of course we spent time running around the beach pretending to be pirates. Ok, so perhaps I was the only one pretending to be a pirate. But still, yarrgh matey and whatnot.