Hi. It’s cold out. And this weekend it snowed. At first I was angry, but that’s more so because when I woke up at eight to feed the cats, there was pretty, photographable snow on the ground, but when I woke up again at eleven to actually photograph the snow, it was gone. Poof. But it was still snowing! Where did the snow go? How can it be warm enough to melt snow if it’s still cold enough to snow?

But now that I think about it, as much as I dislike winter I dislike being hot even more, which means summer isn’t exactly my favorite time of the year. So even though it’s still cold out, I’m looking forward to next fall and winter. Well, not all of next winter, just the beginning part where the snow is still a novelty and the cold isn’t the rip-your-skin-off-with-its-teeth kind. Let’s forgo all obnoxious, too hot, too bright, too loud summer jazz this year and skip straight to the mild, even tempered autumn, ok? Who’s with me?  

I’m just finishing up the last of my girl scout shortbread cookies, which means no more cookies and coffee, which means life? It sucks. But it doesn’t suck cookies, unless I can capture and enslave some girl scout elves to bake me more shortbread cookies. But then I’d have to find a place to house the girl scout elves and give them badges and stuff for the cookies; this idea is sounding too complex and annoying. Never mind.

I’m not really in the mood to do anything or be anywhere or associate with anyone. Nouns are pissing me off and verbs sound like too much work. Blah.