It’s still cold outside, but overnight (Monday night, to be exact) everything started turning green and coming back to life. There are green zombie plants everywhere!

At this rate, it just might become summer before it starts to snow again. Knock on wood… I was so excited to photograph stuff not covered in snow that I ran out to my yard yesterday after work and took a bunch of pictures. Revel in the green!

I had assumed that the flowers I had planted last year were gone, dead, worm food, but one plant not only came back to life, but it already has a flower on it. One out of…many. But still. It’s the most beautiful, hopeful flower I’ve ever seen. (And it really is this blue! The color isn’t photoshopped.)

We’re planning on removing the big wooden garden box where the flower is currently growing, but I’m definitely relocating my hopeful little flower to a safer area.