I just found a picture of me from when I was 22 or 23 and had cute, short hair. (No, I have no clue what’s going on with the chunk of hair in my face. Thank you for asking.)  Now I kind of want a haircut… I know if I cut my hair I’ll totally regret it since I’m trying to grow my hair out, but change is good, sometimes. Maybe I’ll dye my hair this weekend.

I’m one of the few people at work right now; no clue where everyone else is. It’s so quiet in here that I’m having a horrible time concentrating on anything. I also have a work project coming up soon that’s making me a bit nervous.

Oh ok, I get it now. I understand where this weird, wanting-to-change-my-hair restlessness is coming from. It’s the weather, and that it’s sunny and warm-ish out, and that it’s baseball season again (Dan and I are going to the Twins game tonight). It’s spring, the time for rebirth and change. Apparently I’m restless and my hair is such an easy, attached vehicle for change. Must remember to keep my wits about me and not let the weather affect my brain too much