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  • more Polish hatin’
  • Yet another reason not to trust people in power

When is someone going to make a movie about this? Spielberg did great things with Shindler’s List; when is a Polish director going to come along and educate the world about Katyn? Andrzej Wajda perhaps? Oh wait, apparently he already did. Well, what about a Hollywood blockbuster-type movie about it? Just an idea.

I’ll admit that I went through a big phase growing up when I was embarrassed about being half-Polish (not that I’ve ever been to Poland, or know anything about Poland, or that anyone could possibly tell I’m half-Polish just by looking at me) because of the random Polish-people-are-dumb attitude that Americans have (for some reason).

I remember a junior high history class in which the teacher told us she could tell our nationalities based on our last names. The students were so excited and everyone was raising his or her hand wanting the teacher to “do” his or her name. Except for me; I was terrified that the teacher would go ahead and tell the class I was of Polish decent.

Although there are several small towns in Wisconsin that are almost completely Polish (including my father’s hometown), and Chicago has the largest number of Polish-speaking people outside of Poland in the world, apparently there aren’t that many Polish people in the Twin Cities. I was the only person of Polish decent in that history class. And in college, when we were discussing nationalities in my Sociology of Immigration class, I was actually the only student who had Eastern European blood in the whole class. Weird.

I have since gotten over being ashamed of being half-Polish. Being ashamed of, or looking down on someone for his or her heritage is so pointless and ridiculous. Have any of you (you know, the three or so people who read this) ever experience anything like that growing up?