Check out this guy! Have you ever seen such a handsome face on a cat? No, of course not. This is one of my kitties, Magnito (aka: Mags, aka: Sweetie Pie, aka: Get Off The Counter!). He’s a seven-year-old Maine Coon mix (which means he’s BIG, about sixteen pounds) and he’s my favorite boy kitty in the world!

handsome boy mags

His favorite hobbies include sleeping, eating, opening doors to get into places he shouldn’t be, eating, being on the counter, playing with water, and eating. Oh, and eating.   

Checkin' out the sink.

No, he isn’t supposed to be on the counter, but you try telling him that.

Playin' in the water.

And on the rare occasion that he isn’t eating or getting into trouble, he’s also a great big brother to his kitty siblings Neo and Miss Banjo (who is pictured below; she made me promise to mention that she really isn’t as chunky as she looks in this photo).

Good big brother.