Along with snow and poor frozen, confused birds, there is grumpiness in the air. Must fight the grumpiness! With love and lists and some damn coffee.

Three things that are ok:

  • I taught Noah how to play Sims this weekend. The kid created some awesome rooms and now I have a new little Sims buddy.
  • My mom, Dan and I took Noah to see Horton Hears A Who on Sunday. Oh good lord the cuteness! The blinding, overwhelming cuteness! This movie was good enough to make everything else in the world tolerable and now I want my own Bunny Vlad to make me cookies.
  • I spent part of the weekend sorting my books into categories (fiction, non-fiction, travel essays, personal essays/autobiographies, travel guides, poetry, short story collections) and started packing them. I’m already up to ten very heavy boxes. I’ve been meaning to organize my library since we moved into this house a year ago, and it’s finally done! But I think when I unpack my books I’ll rearrange them by color. (Thanks Dawn!!!)