Thank you to Dooce for that very astute turn of phrase that oh so accurately sums up not only my weekend but my current mood. I am so ready to toss up my hands, state “Ok, I get it, this is NOT a democracy, the people [ie: me] do not have a voice in this matter.” and move back in with my parents until this whole house fiasco is done. Enough is e-fucking-nough.

I once again have no functioning shower, there is talk of re-building the GARAGE, and I’m being encouraged to pack up my stuff and store it in a house that’s an hour away, although there is absolutely no talk of a possible date in which we might move and I might get my stuff back. Any sense of home that I ever got from my house is being chipped away. I feel like I’m trying to fend off a tsunami with a hand towel.

Rounding out my bad mood is the snow, and the extreme cold that has chilled my bones, and my current blinding, brain-crushing headache that’s making work very difficult.

I stink. I feel completely powerless in a situation where there is NO REASON for me not to have some say. I’m tired. I’m angry.

I am keeping. My. Shit. Together. Barely.