What did people do before Google? Well, before search engines and the internet in general? How did they find information? I suppose if they had a specific topic in mind (such as stalactites or elephants or radiation) they could look in an encyclopedia, but what if the topic wasn’t that specific? What if the info they were looking for was a reference of some type?

In the past couple days I’ve come across the phrase “[person] has the password to your shell account” twice, both times used rather snarkily, so I assumed they were referencing a quote or something. I Googled it (any excuse to Google!) and found that it references the song “I Have the Password to your Shell Account” by the band Barcelona. Well. There you go.

Although I may have been able to find this info eventually without Google and the Internet, I can’t imagine how. And it would have taken much longer (I found out about the band in a minute or so, if that long…) and I just don’t have the attention span for that. So. What did people do pre-Internet? I can’t even imagine…