• He can do an amazing English accent. One of his favorite movies is the Parent Trap (the most recent version starring a young Lindsey Lohan). One of the twins has an English accent in the movie, and not only has Noah memorized all of her lines, but he does them with a much better accent than Lindsey did…
  • He’s a health food freak. He loves his fruits and veggies! When we eat out and he orders something from the kid’s menu, he always chooses the most healthy side option (veggies or apple sauce) and specifies white milk.
  • He suddenly learned how to read, over night, and now he’s a hardcore reader. He can read anything and it blows my mind. He loves to read!
  • He’s a sporty, active, crazy, typical little boy, but he has this incredibly sensitive, artistic side that’s just as big as his sporty side. He LOVES crafts. He loves to draw and create and make gifts for other people.
  • On the mornings that I’ve woken him up before he woke up on his own, he will wake up babbling about whatever dream he was having as if it were still happening. This has led to many a confusing morning on my part, but he’s never seen anything odd about this.
  • He shares my obsession and attention span with movies. He will take his favorite movie, and rewind and fast forward to watch his favorite scenes over and over.  Noah has mad skills when it comes to the remote control.
  • He’s nearing eight, but he still likes to cuddle when he’s tired.
  • He’s suddenly turned into such a smart ass! Hard core! He’s a sixteen-year-old! When he was younger he, as normal kids do, would cry or whine when he was upset. Now he retorts with well thought out, smart-assed, teenage remarks. Outwardly I am “upset” by this, but inwardly I’m so dang proud!