I feel tinny. My head feels like it’s full of tinfoil, I feel like I’m chewing on tinfoil, my skin feels like it’s been replaced with tinfoil (see a pattern?). Everything seems so bright and sharp and I feel like I’m being stabbed in the jaw and the stomach by those scary little fairies in The Bridge to Terabethia (You know, the fuzzy ones that can mess with your head and make you think time isn’t passing. Damn fairies.). And I feel like those same damn fairies (I really don’t like fairies) spent all night doing cannonballs onto my boobs. Plus my concentration’s shot to…hey, a fairy! Must find my flyswatter; you go squish now.

I’ve been feeling this way for the past week and I’ve had enough. There’s no reason for it so it’s like being hung over without having drank anything the night before (is there anything worse than that?). 

On a brighter note, I really like the word bookmarklet. Thank you for that, WordPress.

ps: No fairies were harmed in the writing of this entry. Lucky bastards.