…that “so’s your face” always makes sense:

One of the search terms someone used that led him/her/it to my blog: so is your face always makes sense. Awesome!

Further Scrubs talk:

You know that episode where Dr. Cox wins the janitor’s van in a bet and drives it into a brick wall, then the poor janitor just shakes his head and says “bad day”? Well, I’m trying my best to embody that zen attitude today.

Bad Day, A List:

  • No heat in my house.
  • No functioning bathroom in my house.
  • My house is a disaster zone, which stresses and upsets me. A lot.
  • Given the freezing cold house, Claudy-Pod the toad and Diggery the toad are probably dead. I didn’t have the heart to check this morning.
  • Oh my god fucking snow!
  • Other things I really don’t want to get into right now (so, why did I type that?)

In Conclusion: 

Sigh. Head shake.  Bad day.