GAAAA!!!! Woo hoo!

Dan and I saw 10,000 BC last night. (The movie; try as I might, I’m still not able to time travel. Soon, though, I’m sure.) I’m still not sure how I feel about it; plot-wise it was lacking. Visually it was quite impressive. Although I would much rather see a movie that has a great plot but is visually simple than the opposite, I did go into the theater expecting to see some cool special effects.

And it was quite educational. For example, did you know that in the year 10,000 BC, people, while unable to keep their hair un-dreaded and Adam Duritz-esque, were able to carefully sculpt their facial hair and keep their teeth straight and shiny white? It’s true. They were also very pretty. Every last one of them. I guess people have become uglier over the years. Other than that it wasn’t the most accurate movie ever made, which is ok since, as it was fiction, I wasn’t expecting to leave the theater any wiser.

While I would definitely say don’t bother seeing this in the theater if you consider things like plot and dialogue important ingredients for a good movie, to really appreciate the effects and the landscape it’s better to see this on the big screen. Maybe save your money and see it at a cheap theater (Instead of paying $9.25 EACH like poor Dan did for us; seriously, why is it so expensive to see a movie?).