I bit my tongue last night and it still hurts so I’ve been numbing the bit part (bit bit?) with little ice cubes for the last hour. It’s like I’m playing ice tongue like JD in Scrubs, but without the making out.

Speaking of Scrubs (as I often do), I found a site of Scrubs scripts! Life is good!

J.D.: You know, Elliot, since I broke your heart, I’ve held my tongue every time you’ve been a wiseacre. But now that you slept with my brother, we’re even. So if you bring sarcasm my way, baby, prepare to be stung!

Elliot: J.D.–

J.D.: So’s your face.

Elliot: That doesn’t even make any sense.

J.D.: “So’s your face” always makes sense.

Carla: J.D., that’s stupid.

J.D.: So’s your face! I’m on fire! Helloooo!