Grand bathroom enhancements are taking place in my house today, enhancements on par with the Parthenon, the Eifel Tower or The Blur Building. (Whenever I think of the word “enhancements” I immediately think of breast implants, which means the previous sentence gave me some odd visuals…) My husband and father-in-law are doing an extreme bathroom makeover and removing a partial wall and replacing the old, tiny sink with a new, pretty pedestal sink, which will improve the bathroom a kazillion-fold.

This alone is enough to help us sell the house, but (and I say this with love and patience, really) Crazy Dan and Father of Crazy Dan also want to remove some wood paneling and put up new sheet rock, even though it looks fine, this is not necessary and WE’RE MOVING! Hello? Crazy? WHYYYYY???? If you really want to do extra work, do something that will help us sell the house, like fix up the bathroom in the basement. Or fix up the basement in general. Or fix the broken heel on my brown suede boots. Or get a new screen door. Or clean out the garage. So many choices!I wish Crazy Dan would occasionally listen to me and not be crazy.

If you still weren’t convinced that I’m obviously the sane one and Crazy Dan is obviously the crazy one, here is photographic proof.

And here is a picture of Henry.

There. Are you convinced?

 I’m just kidding, Crazy Dan. I love you, even though you’re crazy and you won’t fix my boots. And that whole crazy bit.