Three more things about me… 

  • I take really long, scalding hot showers. And I brush my teeth in the shower. I haven’t a clue what makes some people brush their teeth in the shower and not others; perhaps it’s hard wired into our brains, like being right handed or left handed. 
  • I really enjoy being up high (aren’t you glad I added that “up” bit in there?). I love to climb stuff and be up on bridges or on top of buildings (on the observation deck of skyscrapers, for example). I have no fear of heights whatsoever and have a goal to someday learn how to mountain climb (you know, when I get off my lazy ass and become more athletic). I loved hiking and climbing when I lived in Tucson, oh how I miss it! Curse Minnesota’s flatness!
  • I don’t own any white socks. I do own two pair of knee-high black socks, but otherwise all of my socks are multi-colored and patterned (The Electrifying Socks. Good band name.). I strongly dislike white socks and find nothing to be more frustrating than trying to match up Dan’s and Noah’s socks when I do laundry. My socks are so fun and easy to match up, so laundry time is like a party! A very lame party! Woo!