• I’m a hardcore blog addict. I love reading about other people’s lives; the more mundane and everyday the details, the happier I am to read them.
  • I’ve dyed my hair red for so many years that I think the chemicals have altered my DNA and have turned my hair kind of a natural light brownish-vaguely-reddish-type color. About six months ago I dyed my naturally icky dishwater blond hair light brownish-red and I still don’t have any noticeable roots, even though my hair has obviously grown in the past six months. I’ve become a mutant, my dream has come true!
  • I’m really, really right handed. The only things I can do with my left hand are light a cigarette lighter and snap my fingers (neither of which I can do well with my right hand).
  • I am absolutely horrible at explaining and teaching. I’ll be the first to admit it (although I’m sure that anyone who has ever had to “learn” something from me will gladly back me up). The main way I learn anything is by trial and error, and I rarely do anything the same way twice, so listening to me explain my process is frustrating for other people and makes me sound like a complete idiot. Especially when it comes to computers. I’m constantly clicking around and trying to customize and find new ways of doing things, so I have a lot of random knowledge when it comes to what can be done. I just don’t know how to explain the “how to do it” bit since I don’t have a concrete set of steps in my brain.
  • Even though I’ve always desperately wished that I had an accent, when I was in England and actually did have an accent compared to everyone around me I was so self-conscious of how I sounded that I could hardly talk without mumbling and blushing. Once, while waiting for a train, I had planned on buying coffee and a banana at a little food stand, but I was so freaked out by how I sounded saying banana that I just got the coffee. Damn banana.