I drink a lot of coffee. A lot. Of coffee. I’ll fess up, it’s true. Luckily I don’t get headaches or anything if I don’t drink any sort of caffeine (lucky me) but unless I’m actually consuming coffee I tend to be…not awake. Zombie-ish, even. Hell, straight up comatose. And since I only drink coffee at work (except for the numerous Starbucks Doubleshots and frappuccinos that make my world go ’round) I go to bed very early. Like seven-year-old early. Or seventy-five-year-old early.  Not twenty-seven-year-old early. So…I’m weaning myself off the java. Again. Sigh.

 I thought I was doing a crappy job after my second cup today, until I realized that both times I only filled my cup up halfway, and both times I only drank half of it before the coffee got too cold and I poured it out. Which means I’ve only had half a cup of coffee today!

 Which means I AM AWESOME! So bow your ass down to me. I deserve it. Dammit.