Dan and I packed up our numerous movies last night and put them in the basement, which I guess means we really and officially are putting our house on the market and buying a new one. And moving. Away from our house (since, if you sell your house, you can no longer live there). That’s right, we’re heading west.

I have mixed feelings about this. If it weren’t for the fact that I work out that way (an hour from where we’re currently living) I would never, ever have considered moving to the western suburbs. Never in a million years. A few years ago, if you’d told me I would eventually live out there I would have laughed my arse off. All of it. Gone. Poof. That area just holds NO appeal to me. My husband is from that area, plus his parents live out that way so he’s quite excited about it, but I’m not. And my parents live about as far east as you can get and still live in the Twin Cities, so the further west I move, the farther away from them I am.

I absolutely LOVE St. Paul and if it weren’t for this job (the things we do for our careers…) we’d stay in the area. Not necessarily in our current house; I’m ready for something new, but somewhere in St. Paul. Plus houses in St. Paul are considerably cheaper than they are in the west. And since we want to move to the suburbs (again, I’m surprising myself by saying that) I really prefer the St. Paul suburbs to the Minneapolis suburbs.

So, the thought of leaving St. Paul makes me tear up a bit, and the thought of living in the western part of the cities makes my skin CRAWL and mucus gather at the back of my throat, but I have a good job and I guess this is the sacrifice I’m going to have to make for it. That or go crazy from the hour-long commute. Although right now the commute doesn’t sound so bad compared to leaving this area, but if Dan and I have a baby anytime soon, I would much rather be at home with my family than spend two hours a day in the car away from my family. WHY couldn’t this company be more centrally located??? Or why couldn’t we have enough money that I could be a stay at home mom, in which case it would make more sense to stay in this area since our mortgage would be lower and I’d be closer to my parents. Curses. Straight up curses.