It’s all just too much! There is so much coming at me all the time and I’m beyond stressed. The sad part is, the level of junk occurring at any given moment would probably hardly faze a normal person, it really isn’t that much, but the fact that I can’t handle stress AT ALL, along with the fact that the last few months my anxiety issues have been blazing up to never-before-seen hazardous levels and my medications are doing very, very little to help has left me a frazzled, stressed out, ready-to-snap mess. I can hardly function or concentrate and doing the smallest thing, such as replying to an email or getting my oil changed makes me want to hide under my bed.  

I see other people doing stuff, calmly handling life in the face of situations that would leave me a blubbering, shaking mess, and I wonder why I can’t manage to be a productive member of society. And I know it’s chemical, and I know I’m working to get a handle on this and that, eventually, everything will be ok, but I worry I might be a bundle of fried brain cells by that point, like a laptop that’s had a liter of Mountain Dew poured on the keyboard. That’s going to be me, a soggy, sparking, smoking, smelly, dead laptop.