2007 has officially been over for, well, awhile now, but I wanted to wait a bit to make sure it was really, officially, completely over. It was quite the stressful year and those don’t go down without a fight.

 So let’s see. What happened last year?

Thanks to a completely inept landlord and a blowtorch the house we were renting caught on fire. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and stuck mostly to the bathroom and the attic, but it was stressful and traumatizing and resulted in us having to live in my parents-in-law’s basement for a month. Always fun for newlyweds, that is…


We bought a new house in St. Paul and have been in the process of fixing it up (it needed a LOT of help). We removed everything in the kitchen and rebuilt it from scratch. Look how productive we were!


Kitchen Before


Kitchen After

Kitchen After

We went to Duluth a few times, never when it was warm out. (I still have my doubts that Lake Superior ever thaws.)


And I finally made it to Canada for the first time ever. Canada is odd. But good!


Apparently I’m of the age where all of my friends are getting married because I attended/participated in several weddings (yay!!).


On a less happy note I had several car issues. Damn lack of dependable public transportation in Minnesota.


I bought a lovely new camera and took many, many pictures of myself in shiny objects.


And Noah officially became tired of people taking his picture. Poor kid. Not that I plan on stopping anytime soon…

noah yawning

May 2008 be much, much, much less interesting. The end.