Since no one will (willingly, without being threatened) pose for me I’m forced to pose for myself. And believe you me, I am not a willing model.

 Oh, I started out cheerful enough. And I wore a hat because, well, sometimes I wear hats.

Wearing a hat

But then my hat and I got all up in your face.

What up?

So the hat and I decided to take a little break and give the hair a chance to shine. Look at all that hair! Where did it come from?

Fear the hair.

But then the hat and I became jealous of the hair and insisted on being photographed again. But we weren’t willing to smile. No, not after what the hair did to us.


It was all down hill from there.


But the camera is smart. Very smart, for not having a brain (or any other organs, for that matter) and knew when to call it quits. Good camera.

If anyone is nice enough to let me photograph them I promise not to make your photos look so Myspace-y. Really, I promise! And so does the hat.