A few nights ago I grabbed my camera and headed up to the St. Paul Cathedral (I love living in St. Paul; it’s such a photogenic city). I’m still trying to figure out whether the church was named for the saint or the city. Or both. I’m assuming the city is named for the saint, so even if it was named for the city it still was named after the saint. But since it’s a church…why am I still writing about this? I’m boring myself.

I didn’t have my tripod with me so unfortunately most of the pictures were blurry, but I did get some that worked.

As much as I dislike organized religion I absolutely adore churches. It’s a pity they don’t house something more interesting, such as kittens or, as Noah assumed some do, roller coasters.

I’d like to take more pictures of people, but humans are tricky. Unlike buildings and plants, people move. Without my permission! I know, what is this world coming to, right? When I try to photograph Noah he immediately strikes a ninja pose. True, he’s a great little ninja, but I need variety in my life. And this is where I lower myself to begging. Anyone want to pose for me? Pleeeeeaaaasssseeeeeeee…..? I’ll give you a dollar!