A few days ago Dan and I saw singer/songwriter Molly Dean at a cute little coffee shop (the kind that all artsy early twenty-somethings dream of opening) doing her singer/songwriter thing. She was very cute, had a lovely voice, knew how to manipulate music-y pedal things (See? I know music.) almost as good as my absolutely favorite local musican Bill Mike, and was wearing freaking leg warmers (I must buy leg warmers!).  But…I don’t want to say she was one twelvth of a dime a dozen, but I will say I’ve seen her before without actually seeing her before. Meh. As I said, she was cute. Observe:

But! She was followed by the wonderful Alicia Wiley, who is a big ol’ rolled-up burrito of lovely, adorable and fabulous-ness. She’s a jazz musician with a deep, throaty voice and mad songwriting skills whom I must find and see again. I suggest you do the same. Plus I spoke with her briefly after she finished and she really was lovely. I wanted to hug her, but I was afraid she might file charges. Hugging charges. Observe (and feel the colors fry your brain):

Oh the lovely and the music. And I had fun taking pictures.