The recent snow storm has affected me in a way I didn’t really expect…it killed our already spotty internet service, which, in turn, killed off my already spotty mental stability. And since I took yesterday off of work to celebrate the national holiday that is my husband’s birthday (why didn’t you take it off?) I was without blogging access. All day. Do you have any idea how emotionally scarring that was? I’m still shakey and teary, but slowly, slowly, I’m healing. I’ll get there.

* * * * *

This is my husband, Dan. He doesn’t have much luck getting cell phone service in elevators.




I’m married to him and I want to have a million of his babies.

Yesterday Dan turned 29 so we celebrated by seeing the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Walker Art Center. It was amazing, so moving and emotional; go see it! Right now!

And then, even though it was snowing like a crazy snow person we braved the sculpture garden.

It was cold and wet (surprise!), but absolutely worth it for the beauty and silence. (Except for a couple of loud, immature people who were running around, making noise. Oh wait, that was us.) It was one of those days when I don’t mind Minnesota winters because wow, snow is pretty! And fluffy!

We also ducked into the Conservatory to warm up a bit and see my beloved giant fish. I love the giant fish.

We also had a taste of the tropics. Just ignore that pesky snow on the roof. Banana, anyone?