Dan’s birthday is in a few days so we dined on Swiss food and wine at Casa du In-Laws to celebrate this joyous annual occurrence. Happy birthday, Dan! You’re not Swiss, but I’ll let it slide. This time.

Swiss food, you say with a questioning tilt to your head. I’m not actually sure what food constitutes as being Swiss, but we had raclette for dinner and fondue for dessert, both of which are apparently Swiss in origin (there’s your geo-cuisine lesson for the day, boys and girls) and my oh my was it tasty! Oh my heck! So tasty it’s made me Mormon! Goodness! Raclette, more or less, is pats of melted cheese served on potatoes. Both times I’ve had it we also grilled various veggies and meats on a little indoor grill (they make these especially for Raclette, those clever Swiss!). So durn good!  So, I apologize if my pro-Swiss stance is insulting anyone’s sensitive political sensabilities, but c’mon! Raclette, fondue, banking, watches, chocolate, political neutrality…the list goes on and on! Go Switzerland! Live long and free in my heart!


The chicken-y looking stuff was actually Quorn (fake chicken-y foodstuff) that was so delicious I had a hard time not throwing myself face-first into the grill to get at it quicker. And the cheese-y looking stuff? This amazingly tasty, sci-fi-esque cheese that doesn’t melt!  How the heck does that work? And the ham-y looking stuff? Ham.

I know this is going to make me a pariah among my readers (Oh wait, readers? No one reads this.) but I never saw the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. (Whoa, massive topic change with no transition!) Why? I really didn’t like the second one. Ok, ok, put down the tazer you violent freak and let me explain. I really planned on seeing the third movie, but after the disappointment of the second movie it just got moved down so low on my priority list that it never happened. I’m sorry.  Really. And this is a movie starring Johnny Depp, so you realize just how painful that was for me to say. But damn! Dance for me, Johnny Depp, wiggle around a bit. Yeah. You know how I like it.

Johnny Depp’s hot everything aside, I just felt that the plot was exchanged for flights of high-priced special effect fancy and that makes me cry. Why? Why do they keep doing this to movies? To make me cry? Plot won’t kill you, folks, but my tears surely will. Sure, toss in your fancy effects, they’re pretty, with the giant fish and big explosions and flying trees and whatnot. But don’t sacrifice actual plot for twirling computer animated space-pandas. Give the space-pandas decent dialogue. Please.

I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me. I love you. Yeah, baby.