I had a strange dream last night, one that, if I’m lucky, won’t come true. Or will half come true. The not fuzzy bit…

In my dream I had a baby, a lovely, healthy baby boy. Unfortunately my lovely, healthy baby boy was mostly kitten.  Fur, tail, diaper. Seriously, what the heck did I eat before bed? I was walking around a hospital, holding my adorable fuzzy baby in my arms, feeling very disapointed that I didn’t feel that strong maternal love feeling I had always expected I’d feel when holding my new baby.  I took cat-baby to the bathroom to change his diaper and there were a bunch of moms in there with normal babies. And me with my cat-baby.

I hope I’m not pregnant with a cat-baby. And if I am, I sure hope I love it like a non-cat baby. Well, I really love my cats so there’s a good chance that I will. Isn’t there?